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The Love Menu

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(First in the series on how to have extraordinary relationships.)

Imagine that you went to a special new restaurant – the Relationship Restaurant – where you could order any kind of relationship you wanted. After sitting down at the table, the waiter brings you a menu and you notice that there are three columns to order from.


The first column contains “relationships that suck” – negative, destructive, draining and toxic relationships. The ones we look back on a say, “I am so glad I’m not in that relationship anymore. I’ll never do that again!” (Yet we often do – but that’s for another post.) These relationships are high maintenance, full of highs and lows, bewildering and chaotic.

The second column lists “normal” relationships. These relationships also have their ups and downs, but in a less destructive way. These are the relationships that overall we are happy in and glad to have. There is an opportunity for true love, companionship and family – but don’t always push us to grow into a different person. They are… normal.

But when we look at the third column, we see that it is the menu of “Extraordinary Relationships.” Epic. Legendary. Larger-than-life. (I call them “The Princess Bride” kind of relationships.) These relationships magnify the love that each individual brings to the partnership; they push the people in the relationship (whether intimate, family or community) to grow and self-actualize and accomplish greater deeds or express a deeper level of Soul; and they serve as an inspiration for others to aspire to the heights of love. You are tempted to think that the relationships in this column of the menu must be impossible for normal people to order – too expensive or too difficult to find.

But then the waiter says, “If I may, we always point out that you may order from any column on the menu. All of the relationships here take exactly the same amount of time to prepare and serve, and they all cost you the same amount.”

Now… which column would you like to order from?

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