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It Takes Flow To Remember Soul

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This weekend, as I always do, I was putting together a new playlist for New Music Monday. And, as often happens, I found myself listening to old school R&B and Soul. I grew up with this music, and it’s probably my favorite genre. The Righteous Brothers, Ben E. King, Aretha, and of course The Godfather of Soul James Brown!


Soul is a word that I use a lot as a noun. For me (and in our teachings) Soul is synonymous with our Authentic Self – our original, eternal and “un-conditional” nature. In Chinese it’s called P’u – the “uncarved block.” But I also use Soul as an adjective to describe things or people or events. Soul food, Soul music, Soul surfing, for instance. Soul kissing. As my Pop used to say about certain people, “That cat’s got Soul.”

Thomas Moore writes about this in his book, Care of the Soul. “Soul is not a thing,” he writes, “but a quality or a dimension of experiencing life and ourselves. It has to do with depth, value, relatedness, heart and personal substance.” But Moore also suggests that for many people a firm definition of Soul is hard to pin down. “When we say that someone or something has Soul, we know what we mean, but it is difficult to specify exactly what that meaning is.”

But I can tell you what it is – it is the memory of the nature of your Authentic Self. Those things that you would say have Soul are reminding you of your Soul. I think we are often drawn to those things that have Soul in times when we have forgotten or disconnected from our authentic self – which means we have been operating from the ego. The opposite end of the spectrum. Some part of us is longing to reconnect to the Soul and see the world clearly and lovingly again. But – and here’s the lesson – in the depths of our ego we are not even aware of our disconnect. Something has to remind us that we have forgotten the Soul in order to remember it again.

And that’s the function of Soul food, Soul music, Soul kissing and cats and kittens with Soul. That is the function of Taiji, and the moments of Flow. Taiji Flow definitely has Soul. It reminds us of our true selves. That’s why I am passionate about coming back day after day and getting into Flow with all of you. I can often see the moment when you “remember,” and in that moment a beautiful light shines through. The light of your Soul.

So I’m curious: what is it in your life that means Soul to you? I’d love to know – share it in the “Comments” section below.

And… thank you.

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