Tai Chi in Paradise with David-Dorian Ross

East Meets West in Paradise

On a peaceful beach on the island of Oahu, Hawaii,David-Dorian Ross leads you and a class in a step-by-step approach through the basic positions, principles, and patterns of the Yang family 24-movement short form ~ the most widely practiced routine in the world.


Easy to do and portable, Tai Chi can increase fitness, strengthen your immune system, relieve and reduce stress, improve breathing, coordination, balance, and stamina.


David-Dorian Ross is a four-time U.S. Gold Medalist in Tai Chi Ch'uan performance, two-time World bronze and the 1993 World Silver medalist.


In this beautiful, 97 minute instructional video, International Tai Chi performance champion David-Dorian Ross teaches the entire 24-movement sequence. You will study each movement one by one, learning the foot movements first, followed by the emotions of the hands and arms, and finally how to put upper and lower body together. You can view the entire routine twice, first view from the front, and second view from the back, as though you are standing behind David-Dorian, following his movements.

DVD 97 min. NTSC

Tai Chi for Health and Happiness

This DVD is a 40-minute PBS pledge show, introducing the benefits of T'ai Chi, with acclaimed master instructor and host, David-Dorian Ross. The objective of the show is to teach the viewers how easy it can be to learn and practice T'ai Chi for lifelong benefits.



Balance (40 minutes) 
In the first half of the PBS show, he will teach the audience balance as a key concept of Tai Chi flow and synergy, through learning the moves of a simple T'ai Chi routine. 

Power and Integrity (20 minutes)
In the second half of the show, Ross teaches the principles of power and integrity through standing Qigong meditations. David-Dorian will also teach the audience the concept of Qi or life force. 


Throughout, David-Dorian will also teach viewers how Tai Chi can slow, stop or even reverse both medical and aging concerns.

Tai Chi: Flow Motion - Simplified T'ai Chi Workout

The Beginners Class in Tai Chi -- So Simple, You Just Go With The Flow! Join C.J. McPhee and Silver Medalist David-Dorian Ross for a short form routine practice session on a beautiful beach in Hawaii, also known as Tai Chi in Paradise. Overlooking the majestic Pacific Ocean, you will enjoy participating in this class in the convenience of your own home. This program is the perfect video for the Tai Chi beginner, for the more senior student, or for the student with some physical challenges. At the same time, this video is a great practice workout for the serious Tai Chi Chuan student who wishes to perfect the individual movements. Through the practice advocated on this video, you can improve you coordination, balance, breathing, and stamina. Flow Motion is a simplified Tai Chi workout. There is no routine to memorize just watch the video and follow along with CJ McPhee. This video contains two complete Flow Motion workouts taught by Tai Chi expert CJ McPhee. And once you are comfortable with the practice, you can go on to the next DVD in the series: Tai Chi with David-Dorian Ross -- which was also shot on the beautiful beaches of Hawaii as part of a television series called Tai Chi in Paradise. 60 min. DVD NTSC

Exercising the Soul: How T'ai Chi Connects You to Your Authentic Self

David-Dorian’s best-selling book on “the living philosophy” of T’ai Chi. Learn how the movements of this art teach us to connect to our authentic self through the pathway of finding, maintaining or restoring the experience of Harmony. The path of taiji (or T'ai Chi) is an exploration of balance through the mastery of three specific disciplines: the flowing dance-like routines, the powerful standing meditations and the fear-dispelling game of taiji for two. When we find ourselves able to create harmony in the midst of life's constant chaos, then we unlock the doorway to our inner authentic self - our Soul.

Intro to Tai Chi

This easy-to-follow introduction to the fundamentals of Tai Chi is just the right length, just the right variety, and just the right depth for the viewer to receive maximum benefits! Taught by master instructor David-Dorian Ross, Intro to Tai Chi will feed the Soul and will teach the viewer an entire flow sequence that can help get all aspects of life back in balance.


Entering The Flow (20 min) 
Learn the first two principles of Tai Chi - Slow Down and Relax as you learn the first 2 Tai Chi moves in your flow. 

Finding Your Still Point (20 min) 
Move on to the next two Tai Chi principles Sink Down/Stay Down and Be Neutral while you learn the next 3 moves in your flow. 

Create Balance (20 min) 
Discover the final two principles Balance Energy and Coordinate as you complete the final four moves that complete your routine. Watch then, as all nine moves are put together in an easy-to-follow flow that you can master and practice daily.