DavidDorianRoss.com is the world’s first fully live online Taiji (Tai Chi) Academy and Wellness Studio. This is the home of TaijiFit: Bootcamp for the Soul. Created by International Taiji Master Instructor David-Dorian Ross, TaijiFit is a full body workout that makes Taiji more fun and accessible, and fitness more graceful and effective. David-Dorian personally teaches a free “TaijiFit-to-Go” class Mon-Sat at 5 & 6 am PST – 15 minutes of Flow and five minutes of inspiration to start your day in Balance. Our other instructors teach free evening classes M-W and Fri at 5 pm PST. Come take a class and see for yourself what it’s all about!


Our program is really about much more than fitness for the body. We believe that by learning how to get into a state of “Flow” – moving with effortless strength and coordination – you bring your whole life into better balance and Harmony. We are the alternative Extreme Fitness.


The studio schedule also includes classes in yoga, Nia (coming soon) and Classical TaijiQuan. One-to-one training and personal study with David-Dorian Ross is also available. The studio offers a mix of both free and paid classes, as well as workshops and teacher certification training. Classes at this studio are all held live, in real time via 2-way video. Students can all see and hear the instructors and each other, while the instructor can see all the participants. Students can ask questions, follow cues, get corrections and encouragement – in real time. All one needs is a computer, a webcam and an internet connection.

About David-Dorian Ross


David-Dorian Ross is the creator of TaijiFit: Bootcamp for the Soul, and the founder of the TaijiFit instructor training program. He is America’s “Chi-vangelist,” whose public appearances introduce people to the benefits, accessibility and sheer joy of learning Taiji (T’ai Chi). Inside Kung-fu Magazine called him “the man who brought T’ai Chi mainstream.”  Martial arts action star Jet Li called him “the American Idol of Tai Chi.”


David-Dorian is the host and star of the PBS special T’ai Chi, Health and Happiness. His previous show on PBS was called T’ai Chi in Paradise, produced on location in Hawaii with Hawaiian Public Television.  David-Dorian’s Taijii instructional dvds have sold more than 1 million copies world-wide, and his program “T’ai Chi Beginning Practice” is the best-selling T’ai Chi dvd of all time. His book Exercising the Soul is a #1 Amazon best-seller.


David-Dorian also holds the record as America’s competitive T’ai Chi Champion – winning 8 US Gold Medals, a World Silver medal and 2 World Bronze medals in T’ai Chi performance (still the highest record of any American T’ai Chi athlete).


David-Dorian is a popular presenter and keynote speaker whose presentations are highly interactive and include lots of how-to oriented content. He uses stories, metaphors, examples and humor to make his seminars and keynotes highly memorable, practical and motivating for any audience. He engages the audience in the physical application of movement, which results in resounding Aha! moments for all participants.